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Christian History Made Easy

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Here is the church history book that I have been searching for.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to have studied church history in Bible college and seminary. Through my limited knowledge of church history:

1) My faith in God is strengthened. Throughout good times and bad, God has always been at work, building His church. He will do so in my generation, and, if He tarries, in my kids’ generation — no matter what comes.

2) I have a greater resolve to stand firmly for Jesus Christ and His Word. Generations of Christians have done so before me, and I want to continue their legacy.

3) I have learned from the failures and successes of past generations of Christians. I have heroes I purposely imitate and others whose lifestyles I purposely avoid.

I want others to benefit from church history too. But I have two problems with most books that survey the whole of church history. 1) I can’t convince anyone to read them, because they seem long and boring. 2) The authors attempt to write their history books without any evaluation of the events they describe. But I want a church history book that will help me think through which people were faithful to the Bible and which were not.

Christian History Made Easy addresses both of those problems. 1) It’s not long (188 pages) and it’s not boring. Almost every page has beautiful color illustrations, and Dr. Jones purposely writes in a very engaging manner that relates to modern life, focusing on the lives of key individuals. 2) Dr. Jones clearly writes from an evangelical perspective. I do not always agree with his insights, and sometimes I wish he would have given a fuller picture of a certain person’s life — but he writes this history book as one who believes in the authority of Scripture and the power of the gospel.

In short, I agree with the statement on the front cover of this book: “Every Christian should know” the basics of church history. And if you want to read one book that will give you that knowledge, this is the book I would recommend.

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